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"Make your products look professional with these Headder graphics and templates while you handle all your online formatteing challenges with this easy to use software!

Dear Internet Marketer ,


If you've ever tried to master HTML coding to build your own website, then you know how big a pain it can be to get your site just right.

Sure, you may know what you want your site to look like on paper, but translating that into the right code can be almost impossible.

Even if you are an HTML master, one simple keystroke mistake could blow the look and feel of your entire site - and take hours to find and correct.

WordToWebPage makes sure you never have to deal with that again!

WordToWebPage automatically converts all of your fonts and original formatting into uploadable HTML code. That means that your website looks exactly like your Word document.

You have complete control of your website - in a manner of minutes!

Try This Simple Software To Help You Build Hundreds
Of Web Pages – Risk Free!

WordToWebPage is an easy to use desktop application that allows you to convert any Microsoft Word document into a ready to upload webpage – even if you have absolutely no programming experience at all.
Better still, WordToWebPage allows you to have complete control of your website. In a matter of seconds you can:
  • Choose from three different web templates.
  • Input keywords, headers and footers.
  • Select background graphics
  • Place your AdSense advertisements.


Not only that.....

WordToWebPage Can Turn Your Dusty E-Books
Into Profit Pulling Machines!

If you are into Internet marketing, you probably have a bunch of e-books that just aren't selling as much as you’d like.
Many people have the private label rights to books that they've never really been able to profit from.
Imagine if you could use them to generate passive Google AdSense income? With WordToWebPage you can.
Simply use WordToWebPage and it will convert your e-book it into a fully functional website – loaded with Google AdSense!
That means that with WordToWebPage you can convert a 300 page e-book into a 300 page website – with hundreds of profit pulling AdSense links in a matter of minutes!
You might end up generating more income in a month from your new website than you would have in a year's worth of e-book sales!


Create A Giant Content Rich Website
In A Matter Of Minutes!

One of the best ways to get web surfers to see your products is to create a highly ranked website. Yet, to get a high Google or Yahoo rank, you need to have as much legitimate content as humanly possible.
The problem is that if you simply upload hundreds of pages of junk content, you might actually get kicked off of many major search engines for creating spam websites.
WordToWebPage is your solution!
Because you can use your existing e-books as the basis of your site, you can create hundreds and hundreds of pages of real content that people want to read almost instantly.
Since your content will be full of useful information, you will never have to worry about getting black listed by Google ever again!
Meanwhile, your site visitors will be constantly looking at AdSense links and banners – and helping you make money from your old, stagnant information products.
It could be like making money out of thin air!


You Won't Believe How Easy It Is To
Use Word2WebPage!

One of the things I hate the most is when I purchase a new piece of software only to find out it's so complicated that it takes hours or even days to learn how to use the darn thing.
After all, I buy software to make my life easier – not more complicated!
That's why WordToWebPage was designed to be easy for anyone to use. You simply have to follow the intuitive four step system!


Step One: Choose your template.
Step Two: Select your Keywords, Headers, Footers and Background.
Step Three: Input your Google AdSense information.
Step Four: Select The Document You Want to Convert.
That's it!
With the next click of your mouse, your Word pages are created instantly!
You will be able to build as many web pages as you want, whenever you need to!
WordToWebPage Will Save You Time And Money!
Do you need to get a website up and running quickly? WordToWebPage is a rock solid investment in your business.

When you order WordToWebPage today you can have your sites up and running as fast as you can create your word documents.

And you will never have to hire a programmer or buy expensive and hard to learn HTML editors. You can use Word2WebPage time and time again to build new web sites or update your existing pages.

Just consider the full suite of benefits you will receive when you order WordToWebPage today:
The ability to make a super content rich website quickly and easily.
The chance to convert non performing Private Label e-books into profit pulling web pages.
The opportunity to create an easy passive income stream, with minimal investment.
The power to build as many web pages as you want in a matter of minutes.
Freedom from programming hassles!

What's more, I am giving you 55 ready made headers that you can use with your software, to create multiple niche sites and sales letters.

Just look at what you'll be getting!

Here's what you get in this box:


15 Internet Marketing templates with resell rights

Template #1- Internet Marketing

Template #2- Article Marketing

Template #3- Copyriting

Template #4- Copywriting

Template #5- Article Marketing


10 More niche header graphics, both with text and blank, so you could add your own words or images



25 abstract header graphics

Here's some samples:

But wait! there's more...

You also get 300 website buttons too




And this is just the tip of the iceberg!



You know that It will only take a few seconds to make or break a visitor's first impression on a site, that is why you hear all the time that first impressions is very important when it to comes to making a sale. Not to mention that online, you do not see your customer's face, and neither does he see yours. Therefore it is a must to make that first impression become a good one, or else he will leave the moment he enters your site.

There's no better way to To make that first good impression than by having your site spiced up with some professional graphics. And if you do not have the talent nor the time to create those graphics, or you don't have the money to cover the cost of expensive graphic design fees and you want to sell your product right away, then these ready made graphics will give your site that professional look.


So let's recap what's in this mega package:


Word to web page software

15 IM website templates


20 hot niche headers in a box

25 abstract headers so you can add your own words/images


300 shiny buttons and icons


And the extra 10 header graphics with text and blank


All this at an incredible low price of just $37 But you must act now because we are only going to sell limited number of this package at this price.


And of course, as always it is backed it up with a solid 60 day guarantee

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